Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mesyuarat Guru Cemerlang SBP

Diadakan pada 24 - 26 Mac di hotel Grand Continental Jalan Raja Laut Kuala Lumpur

Perkara yang dibincangkan

a) Keputusan SPM 2007 - Oleh Tuan Hj Kholil Mohammad
b) Head Count -Ym Tengku Azwan
c) Peranan Guru Cemerlang - Pn Asah Bin Abu Samah

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An Introduction to Statistics

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bahan Ceramah Motivasi

Berikut adalah bahan -bahan yang boleh digunakan untuk mukadimah ceramah motivasi .Bahan dalam bentuk power-point

Marble Story
Geese Story

I am looking For a Teacher

I am looking for a teacher
Who is beautiful inside
Honest with the students
Giving them a sense of pride

I am looking for a teacher
With a healthy self esteem
Who clearly states the rules
And doesn’t have to scream

I am looking for a teacher
Who creatively prepares
But Whose first priority
Is to convey that she cares

I am looking for a teacher
Who is interested, not aloof
Who treat her students with respect
Even when they goof

I am looking for a teacher
Who knows how to laugh and smile
Who enjoys what she’s doing
And goes the extra miles

I am looking for a teacher
Who believes all students can learn
Who praises their efforts and talents
They give their best return

I am looking for a teacher
Who communicates with parents well
Gently and carefully selecting words
When there’s problem to tell

I am looking for a teacher
Who will fill a child with desire
To love to learn more every day
With curiosity that won’t tire

I am looking for a teacher
Who encourages children to have a dream
To work at solving problems
Building their self esteem
There are some teachers out there
The kind I am looking for
For their student’s success

They have opened the door.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Berikut adalah fail yang boleh di download jika anda berminat menjadi guru cemerlang .Guru Cemerlang adalah satu agenda dalam PIPP

Syarat Pemilihan Guru Cemerlang

Peranan dan Tanggungjawab Guru Cemerlang

Hal Ehwal Guru Cemerlang

Booklet Terma Rujukan Guru Cemerlang